SCHLAGINTWEIT, Adolf. Munich 9.1.1829 — Kashgar 27.8.1857. German Traveller in India and Central Asia. Brother of —> Emil, Hermann and Robert S. Studied science. Ph.D. 1849. Followed his brothers to Berlin and England. In 1851 ascended Mount Rosa with his brothers. In 1854 he followed his brothers to India. Parting from Hermann, he and Robert left Calcutta for the North-West: Patna-Benares-Allahabad-Bareilly-Nainital, summer 1855 in the Himalayas studying nature and collecting information and objects from Tibetan traders, but attempts to force their way to Tibet failed. In winter 1856 Adolf travelled alone in South India (Andhra-Madras-Southern Tamilnad-Nilgiri). In April 1856 all three met in Simla, but parted again, and A. explored the glaciers of Zangskar and spent three months in Baltistan. Parting from his brothers in Rawalpindi he explored border regions and then proceeded over Karakorum and Kunlun to Yarkand and Kashgar, where the rebel leader Wali Khan let him to be executed as supposed Chinese spy.

Publications: diss. on geognocy 1849; studies on the Alps.

Sources: E. Schlagintweit, “Adolf, Hermann und Robert Schl.”, A.D.B. 31, 1890, 336-347; Wikipedia with portrait.