SHARPE, Phoebe Elizabeth (née Lavnder). Bangalore 1888 — 8.1.1941. Miss. British Authoress interested in Indian Society. No scholar. Daughter of Horace William and Alice Lavender. In 1905 married John Charles Sharpe, an officer, but later separated. She spent more than twenty years in India and was the private secretary of the Thakore Sahib of Limbdi in Kathiawar. Wrote a book on India concentrating on women’s problems (1934) and other, rather amateurish works. Apparently she was a Theosophist.

Publications: The Thakore Sahib Shri Sir Daulat Singh of Limbdi, Kathiawar. 188 p. L. 1912.

Shri Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita. 44 p. L. 1924; The Flame of God: A Mystical Autobiography. 126 p. L. 1929; Shiva; or, the Past of India. 38 p. L. 1930; The Philosophy of Yoga. 55 p. L. 1933; The Tantric Doctrine of Immaculate Conception. 87 p. L. 1933; The Secrets of the Kaula Circle. 96 p. L. 1936 (a novel).

The India that is India. 110 p. L. 1934.

Transl. from Hindi: An Eight Hundred Years Old Book of Secret Indian Formulas and Medicine. 135 p. L. 1937.

The Great Cremation Ground (Mahâśmaśâna). A critical dissertation on Indian philosophy. 48 p. L. 1938; Indian Tales. 228 p. L. 1939.

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