SLÁDEČEK, Bohumil. Dobrovice 29.11.1883 — Prague 30.12.1965. Czechoslovakian Student of IE Linguistics. Studied at Charles University in Prague under Zubatý, Ph.D. there 1917/18. Worked as gymnasium professor.

Publications: diss. Posouvání přizvuku při elisi a konsonanisaci přízvučných vokálů v řečtině a indičtině. Prague 1917/18, published version (or summary?) in Listy filologické 46:5, 1919, 268-275.

Sources: Briefly in

SLATER, Robert Henry Lawson. 8.2.1896 — 24.12.1984. Rev. British Buddhist Scholar in America. Grew up in Yorkshire. Lost early his parents and worked as reporter in Newcastle. Studies of Theology at Emmanuel and Jesus Colleges, Cambridge. As a student active Socialist. After ordination curate in Newcastle. War service? To Canada. In 1948-50 Dean of Theology at Hurin College in London, Ontario. From 1950 taught Religion at McGill University in Canada, then 1958-64 Professor of World Religions at Harvard. Specialist of Burmese Buddhism. Married 1929 Alys Simpson, two sons.

Publications: wrote on Theravāda Buddhism.

Paradox and Nirvana. A Study of Religious Ultimates with Special Reference to Burmese Buddhism. 8+145 p. Chicago 1951.

Can Christians Learn from Other Religions? 94 p. 1963.

Sources: *Bulletin of the Center for the Study of World Religions (Harvard) 1984, 1-7; G.H. Williams, First Light. The Formation of Harvard College in 1636 and Evolution of a Republic of Letters in Cambridge. 2nd ed. 2014, 413ff. (only pp. 413 & 415 shown by Google).