ŚMIESZEK, Anton. 22.5.1881 — 1943. Polish Oriental Scholar. Ph.D. 1905 Cracow. From 1921 Assistant Professor at Poznań, 1922 eo. and 1925 ord. of Ancient Near East and Sanskrit, but in 1935 the Minister of Education decided to put an end to Oriental Studies at Poznań and his chair was closed. Now he moved to Warsaw and became Professor of Egyptology there. At Poznań he taught many subjects, Old Persian, Old Egyptian, Sanskrit, Akkadian, Hebrew, and Comparative Semitics, but had very few students.

Publications: Wrote on the Near East, e.g. “Trzej bogowir greccy pochodzący z Azji Mniejzej”, RO 3, 1925 (1927), 133-157.

Sources: Jankowski 2003, 90f.