SÖDERBLOM, Lars Olof Jonathan (Nathan). Trönö, Hälsingland 15.1.1866 — Uppsala 12.7.1931. Swedish Theologian and Scholar of Comparative Religion. Professor in Berlin, then Archbishop of Sweden (Uppsala). Son of vicar Jonas S. and Nikolina Sophie Blûme, matriculated from Hudiksvall. From 1883 studies at Uppsala (fil.kand. 1886, teol.kad. 1892). Ordained 1892. Dr. 1901 Sorbonne. In 1894-1901 pastor of the Swedish colony in Paris, now studied Iranian and Avesta at É.P.H.É. In 1901-12 Professor of History of Religion at Uppsala (formally of “teologiska prenotioner och teologisk encyklopedi”) and minister of a local parish, in 1912-14 also Professor of History of Religion at Leipzig. From 1914 Archbishop of Sweden in Uppsala, until his death. Nobel Peace Prize 1930 from his oecumenic work. Married 1894 Anna Forsell, twelve children.

In his time Söderblom was famous as a scholar of religion, but could never get wholly rid of his background as Lutheran theologian.

Publications: Diss. La vie future d’après le Mazdéisme à la lumière des croyances parallèles dans autres religions. 8+477 p. A.M.G., B. d’ét. 9. P. 1901; articles on Zoroastrianism in E.R.E.

Edited: Främmande Religionsurkunder. 1-4. Stockholm 1908 (A great anthology of original texts of various religions translated into Swedish, vol 1. general introduction “Om religionsurkunder” by NS; vol. 2. Indian texts by K. F. Johansson et al., p. 687-784 “Avesta and Pehlevi” by NS).

Religionsproblemet inom katolicism och protestantism. 1-2. 518 p. Stockholm 1910; Godstrons uppkomst. 15+400 p. Stockholm 1913; Kristi pinas historia. 470 p. Stockh. 1928; and other works.

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