SCHMÖLDERS, Franz August. Rhede bei Bocholt, Westfalen 28.11.1809 — Breslau 21.2.1880. German Oriental (Arabic) Scholar interested in Sanskrit. Professor in Breslau. Studies of Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit at Bonn (Ph.D. 1836) and Paris. PD 1842 Berlin. After some years’ teaching at gymnasium succeeded Bernstein as Professor at Breslau (ao. 1846, ord. 1860), where he also taught Sanskrit in 1845-60 (both elements and texts, e.g. the Vikramorvaśī). Published very little even from his main field. Married, children.

Publications: Mainly wrote on Arabic philology, e.g. diss. on philosophical literature.

Sources: Fück 322; Th. Weber, A.D.B. 32, 1891, 58f.; Wikipedia.