LANDSBERG, Georg. 18?? — 19??. In P.T.S. report for 1922 he is called Dr. G.L. of Breslau. There are in the Rhys Davids family collection in Cambridge ten letters by him written in German from Japan and Germany in 1913–14 (thus the mathematician G.L., 1865–1912, is excluded). One G.L. was Stadtrat in Breslau in 1919–32 and joined D.M.G. in 1923.

Publications: Edited with C. A. F. Rhys Davids: “Pañcappakaraṇa Atthakathā Puggala-Paññatti Commentary”, JPTS 1913, 170-254, repr. with Pugg.-P. L. 1972.

Sources: Scanty stray notes in Internet.