MORRIS, Henry. 22.4.1829 — 1912. British Civil Servant and Historian in India. Son of —> John Carnac M. “Educated at Rugby and Haileybury, 1846-48. In India, 1848-75, in the Madras C.S., rose to be Judge of Godavery. Was for years Inspector of Schools.” Retired in 1875.

Publications: The history of India, for the use of schools. 1856, 2nd ed. 18+300 p. Madras 1857, 14th ed. 1912, Tamil tr. by G. U. Pope. Madras 1862, Kannaḍa tr. Mangalore 1862; A history of England, intended for the use of the inhabitants of India. 1858.

A geography: containing a concise account of the various countries of the earth with a more detailed description of India. There is a Google scan of this, entitled simply Geography. 4+200 p. Madras 1857.

A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Godavery District in the presidency of Madras. 11+390 p. L. 1878.

A simplified Grammar of the Telugu Language. 10+159 p. L. 1890.

Anglo-Indian Worthies. 1-2. 155, 44+25+31+48+45 p. Madras – L. 1891-1901; The Governors-General of India. 1-2. 140+172 p. Madras 1894-96.

– The founders and first three presidents of the Bible Society. 160 p. L. [1895?].

Charles Grant, the friend of William Wilberforce and Henry Thornton. 63 p. L. 1898; The life of Charles Grant, sometime member of Parliament for Inverness-shire, and director of the East India Company. 18+404 p. L. 1904.

– Sir Monier Monier Williams, K.C.I.E., the English Pandit. 40 p. L. 1900 (part of Anglo-Indian Worthies?).

Major-General George Hutchinson … A brief memorial of a holy and useful life. 68 p. L. 1900.

The life of John Murdoch, LL. D.: the literary evangelist of India. 4+285 p. L. 1906.

Heroes of our Indian empire. 1-2. L. 1908.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; great number of stary notes, mostly on his books, in Internet.