MOSKALEV, Vladimir Sergeevič. Lugansk (Luhansk in Ukraina) 15/28.7.1906 — 14.7.1982. Russian (Ukrainian?) Indologist, specialist of Urdu. Son of an official, graduated 1934 from Oriental Institute in Moscow. Kand. filo. nauk 1953, Docent 1955. In 1937-39 Head of Near Eastern section at Oriental Institute, in 1940-53 in Red Army, in 1953-56 deputy Director of Oriental Institute in Moscow. From 1957 taught at University of Tashkent.

Publications: At least 20 items, e.g. Russko-urdu slovar’. 408 p. Taškent 1943.

Sources: Miliband 1976, 1995.