BIDDULPH, Charles Hubert. Abu, Rajasthan 28.7.1898 — 11/16.10.1966. British Engineer and Numismatist in India. Educated at Philander Smith College in Nainital and Crystal Palace School of Engineering in London. In 1924 joined the South Indian Railway as Assistant Engineer, then District Engineer and from 1951 Deputy General Manager of South Indian Railway. In retirement he lived in England. He was a keen hunter and an ornithologist studying the migration of birds. Later he became interested in numismatics and became a specialist of South Indian coins, especially in retirement. Married Lily (d. 1972).

Publications: Coins of the Pandyas. 71 p. 6 pl. Numismatic Notes and Monographs 11. Varanasi 1966; Coins of the Cholas. 65 p. Num. Notes and Monger. 13. Varanasi 1968.

37 articles and notes in the JNSI 20-28, 1958-66, e.g.: “Rupees issued by the English and French East India Companies and the Nawabs of Arcot in the 16th to 19th centuries”, 21, 1959, 146-173; “Rupees of the Nawabs of Arcot”, 22, 1960, 229-248; “Coins of the Nawabs of Arcot”, 24, 1962, 50-114; “Countermarked Durrani and Sikh coins”, 25, 1963, 198-208; “Coins of the Talpur Mirs of the Sindh”, 25, 1963, 209-218; “The Marathas in Southern India and their Coinage”, 25, 1963, 219-237; “Countermarked coins of the Shahs of Persia”, 26, 1964, 69-85.

Sources: P.L. Gupta, JNSI 29:1, 1967, 72-74, with photo and list of publications;