BLAKISTON, John Francis. 21.3.1882 — 8.1.1965. British Archaeologist. Son of John Rochfort Bl. and Georgina Helen Cubbitt, educated at Wellington College, Berkshire. Captain in cavalry, Indian Army (thus peerage, Wikip. calls him architect). Served from 1911 in the A.S.I., first as assistant, from 1916 Superintendent (but in 1915-19 in military service), 1935-37 Director General. C.I.E. 1937. Married 1918 Paula Heard and 1937 Margaret Dora Watt-Jackson, two daughters and one son with the second.

Publications: With A. Gille & H. Hosten: Record of the inscriptions at the Catholic Church at Patna, Bihar and Orissa. 8+54 p. 3 facs. Patna 1917.

The Jami Masjid of Badaun and Other Buildings in the United Provinces. 107 p. M.A.S.I. 1926.

Annual Reports of A.S.I. for the years 1924-25 and 1935-36.

Sources: India Office List in Br. Biogr. Arch., 2nd series;; Wikipedia; not in N.U.C.