ROWLANDS, Jane Helen. Menai Bridge, Anglesey 3.4.1891 — Karimganj 12.2.1955. British (Welsh) Missionary in Assam. Daughter of Captain Jabez and Martha Rowlands, grew up in very religious home. Graduated in French from University College of North Wales and worked as teacher in Wales. After short training in Edinburgh she was missionary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales in Sylhet from 1916 until her death, teaching at girls’ school. M.A. in “Indian vernaculars” 1926 Calcutta. On furlough in Wales she decided to make doctorate at Sorbonne. Ph.D. 1930 Paris. Now became teacher of English at Karimganj College in Assam, then part of Sylhet, but after partition of Cachar dt. in India.

Publications: La femme Bengalie dans la littérature des Moyen Age. 6+241 p. P. 1930.

The quest: scenes from the life of Chandra Lela. n.d.

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