SAFAREWICZ, Jan. Daugavpils (Latvia) 8.2.1904 — Krakow 9.4.1992. Polish IE Linguist. Professor at Krakow. Son of tax official, lost early his parentsa and grew up with his uncle, a Professor of Medicine at Wilno (Vilnius), studied there linguistics and classics. Ph.D. 1927 in Indo-European Linguistics. Further studies in Paris, under Benveniste and Meillet. PD 1932 Wilno. In 1935 moved to Krakow, from 1937 eo. Professor of IE, from 1948 ord. of General Linguistics. His wife Halina was Professor of Russian Philology.

Publications: Dr. diss. on Greek epigraphy 1927, hab.diss. on Latin rhotacism, 1932.

Wrote on historical linguistics and Latin, mostly in Polish.

Sources: Russian and *Polish Wikipedia.