BROWN, Cecil Jermyn. Ipswich 1886 — 20.10.1945. British Teacher of English Language and Numis­matist in India. Son of Edgar Jermyn Br. and Annie Lovely. Educated in Ipswich, studies at Oxford (Trinity College). M.A. From 1909 teacher at the Canning College, Lucknow. 1919-21 Fellow of the Allahabad University, from 1921 Reader in English Literature at the Lucknow University and 1923-26 Professor of English Literature there. Last years in Scotland. Married with Gladys Smith, three sons.

Publications: Catalogue of coins of the Guptas, Maukharis etc. in the Provincial Museum, Lucknow. 45 p. Allahabad 1920; Catalogue of the Mughal Coins in the Provincial Museum, Lucknow. 1-2. 89+468 p. 22 pl. Oxford 1920; The Coins of India. 120 p. 12 pl. The Heritage of India Series. L. 1922; “Coins of Awadh”, J. Allan (ed.), Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta. Oxford 1928; a number of articles on numismatics in various journals.

Sources: Who Was Who 1941–1950.