SCHÖNWERTH, Sigurd. Munich 9.10.1908 — 24.1.1994. German Bauddha. A Physician. Son of Alfred Schönwerth (1865–1941), a chirurgian. Studied medicine in Munich, degrees 1932 and 1935, specialized in chirurgy and liver diseases. During the war served as military surgeon in France and the Eastern Front, now became interested in Buddhism through Grimm’s books. After the war got no job (apparently he was Nazi) and lived 15 years in Argentina, then physician in Siemens factory. Member and physician of Altbuddhistische Gemeinde in Utting. Married 1936 with Hanna Gottschau (1910–), two sons and two daughters.

Publications: articles.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism, 137f.; Clemens Bopp, Alfred Schönwerth (1865–1941). Diss. Munich 2005.

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