BRUNE, Johannes H.

BRUNE, Johannes H. Bochum 28.12.1883 — 19??. German Student of Indology. Roman Catholic. Matriculated in 1903 from Bochum’s Gymnasium. From 1903 studies of philology and politics at Kiel, after some years (10 terms) switched into Indology and comparative linguistics (Oldenberg, Deussen). Ph.D. 1909 Kiel. In the second edition of his Allgemeine Geschichte 1:2, 1906, Deussen thanks Brune for preparing the index.

Publications: Diss. Zur Textkritik der dem Sāmaveda mit dem achten Maṇḍala des Rgveda gemeinsamen Stellen. 50 p. Kiel 1909.

With P.-E. Dumont: “Ṛgveda 5, 61, 12”, ZDMG 60, 1906, 552-555.

Sources: Lebenslauf in diss. Not in Dt. Biogr. Archiv N.F.

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