BUISKOOL, Herman Eldert

BUISKOOL, Herman Eldert. Weerdinge 12.1.1884 — Leiden 11.8.1963. Dutch Indologist. 1898-1902 teacher training in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Was “at first a school-teacher and later a civil servant who was mostly engaged in committee work relating to the frequent proposals for spelling reform in Dutch.” Worked in Emmen, Utrecht and Amsterdam, in the 1920s tudent of Faddegon at Amsterdam University. Ph.D. 1934 Amsterdam. In 1935-44 in the editorial staff of the Woordenboek der Nederlandse taal, then retired. In his only book he “gave a penetrating analysis of some of the fundamental techniques of Pāṇini’s grammar, largely relating to the relative strength of rules and to the concept of asiddhatva.”

Publications: Diss. Pūrvatrāsiddham. Analytisch onderzoek aangaande het systeem der Tripādi van Pāṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī. 210 p. Amsterdam 1934. English version: The Tripādī, being an English Recast of Pūrvatrāsiddham (An Analytical-Syn­thetical Inquiry into the System of the Last Three Chapters of Pāṇini’s Aṣṭā­dhyā­yī. 156 p. Ld. 1939.

– “Bahuvrīhi en zwakke adjectiefflexie”, Taal en Tongral 13, 1961, 63-66.

Sources: F. Staal, A Reader on the Sanskrit Grammarians. 1972, p. 273; Kern Institute Web Page (with further sources); *P. Verhagen, “H:B.: Sanskritist en lexicoloog”, H. van den Muyzenberg & T. de Bruijn (ed.), Waarom Sanskrit? Kern Institute Miscellanea 4. Leiden 1991, 30-36.


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