SILVERSTONE, Marilyn (Bhikshuni Ngawang Chödrön). London 9.3.1929 — near Kathmandu 28.9.1999. U.S. Photojournalist and Buddhist Nun. Daughter of Murray Silverstone, a film director and the son of a Polish immigrant to the U.S.A., for a while working in London, and his wife Dorothy. Grew up in Scarsdale, NY, graduated from Wellesley College. From 1955 worked as photojournalist, travelling widely in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 1956 in India photographing Ravi Shankar and 1959 the arrival of Dalai Lama. Together with Frank Moraes (1907–1974) lived in Delhi until 1973, then in London. She became early interested in Buddhism, in the late 1960s photographed lamas in Sikkim and in 1977 took vows as a Buddhist nun and moved to Kathmandu. Returned to U.S.A. 1999 terminally ill with cancer and and soon back to Nepal to die there.

Publications: Gurkhas And Ghosts: The Story Of A Boy In Nepal. 98 p. ill. L. 1964; Bala: Child of India. 48 p. ill. N.Y. 1968.

Ocean of Life: Visions of India and the Himalayan Kingdoms. 71 p. ill. N.Y. 1985.

With others: The life of Shabkar: the autobiography of a Tibetan yogin. Transl. by M. Ricard, J. Leschly, E. Schmidt, M. Silverstone, and L. Palmo. 32+705 p. Albany 1994.

Sources: *A. Mauro, M.S. Milano 2005; Wikipedia.

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