BURGHART, Richard. U.S.A. 1944 — Heidelberg 1.1.1994. U.S. Anthropologist. B.A. 1966 Wil­liams College, Mass., also studied in Ibadan. Nigeria. M.Phil. 1969 S.O.A.S. in Social Anthropology. Now became interested in South Asia and did fieldwork in Janakpur, Nepal in 1973–76. Ph.D. 1978 S.O.A.S. In 1979–88 taught Social Anthropology at S.O.A.S. From 1988 Professor of Anthropology at Heidelberg. Also worked on Maithili language. Died of brain tumour. Married, two children.

Publications: “Renunciation in the religious tradition of South Asia”, Man 18, 1982, 635-653.

– “Wandering Ascetics of the Rāmānandī sect”, Hist. of Rel. 22, 1982-83, 361-380.

– “For a sociology of India: an intra-cultural approach to the study of ‘Hindu society’”, Contributions to Indian Sociology 17, 1983, 275-299.

– “The role of kinship in the formation of groups of pilgrims at Janakpurdham”, Contributions to Nepalese Studies 1975, ??-??-

Sources: Brief obituary in European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 6, 1994; G. Houtman, Anthropology Today 10:4, 1994, 26f. with photo (also in www.germananthropology.com/short-portrait/richard-burghart/208).


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