BURLA, Vasile M

BURLĂ, Vasile M. Opăiţeni (then Hungary) 6.2.1840 — Iaşi 8.1.1905. Romanian Classical and IE Scholar. Studied Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit in Vienna and Graz. Schoolteacher and university lecturer in Iaşi, where he belonged to the literary circle “Junimea”. In 1876 he asked vainly to be allowed to give a course of Sanskrit at the University of Iaşi. Retired 1901.

Publications: Several articles in the Convorbiri literare 1876-80, occasionally also dealing with Sanskrit, some school books of Greek and Latin.

Sources: Banateanu, Indo-Asian Culture 7:3, 1959, 279f. & Visvabh. Q. 27, 1961-62, 247f.; S. N. Ionescu, Who Was Who in 20th Century Romania. N.Y. 1994; *Romanian Wikipedia with photo and references to further Romanian sources (seen in 2015, but no longer 2020).

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