TELEGDI, Zsigmond

TELEGDI, Zsigmond. Enyig 29.12.1909 — Budapest 5.3.1994. Hungarian Linguist. As a Jew he studied at Rabbinical seminary, but interrupted. Cand. 1952. Ph.D. 1979. Research scholar in Hungarian Academy, then Professor ast Budapest.

Publications: “Une note Pehlevie (à propos de Kārnāmak I, 18)”, JA 224, 1934, 319f.; “Essai sur la phonétique des emprunts iraniens en araméen talmudique”, JA 226, 1935, 177-256; “Notes sur la grammaire du sogdien chrétien”, JA 230, 1938, 205-233.

numerous further works listed in Wikipedia, mostly on Persian and Linguistics.

Opera omnia. 1-2. Budapest 2007-08.

Sources: *Hungarian Wikipedia; AOHu 48:1-2 is Telegdi Memorial Volume with photo and bibliography (9-14), but no life.

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