VAUX, William Sandys Wright

VAUX, William Sandys Wright. Oxford 28.2.1818 — London 21.6.1885. British Numismatician and Antiquarian. Son of Rev. William Vaux, a vicar, educated at Westminster School and graduate from Balliol College, Oxford, in 1840 (M.A. 1842). From 1841 worked in British Museum, in 1861–70 as Keeper of Coins and Medals, finally resigned because of health problems. In 1870–76 catalogued the coins in Bodleian Library. In 1855-74 President of Numismatic Society. In 1876–85 Secretary of the R.A.S. Active in High Church Oxford Movement. Married 1861 Louisa Rivington.

Publications: Wrote on Near Eastern and Iranian antiquities, Punic coins and epigraphy, Greek and European coins.

Articles on Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek coins (1854, 1875) and on Indian coins (1854, 1859) in NC (where he has totally 25 papers).

Sources: JRAS Proc. 1885, vii–x; G.C.B[oase], D.N.B. 58, 1899, 196f.; Wikipedia (based on Boase).

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