VOLCK, Johann Christoph Wilhelm

VOLCK, Johann Christoph Wilhelm. Nürnberg 18.11.1835 — Rostock 29.5.1904. German Oriental Scholar in Estonia. Professor at Dorpat (Tartu) and Rostock. Son of a factory owner. In 1853-57 studied philology and theology at Erlangen (i.al. under Spiegel), for a while also at Leipzig. Ph.D. 1859, Lic. theol. 1861 Erlangen. Now PD at Erlangen, but in 1862 moved to Tartu and in 1864-98 taughr as ord. Professor of Semitic Philology there, at Theological Faculty. Left Tartu because of the russification of the university, taught as Hon. Professor at Greifwald and from 1900 as ord. of Old Testament Exegesis at Rostock. At the beginning also taught Sanskrit at Tartu, but soon left this to Leo Meyer.

Publications: Semitics and theology.

Sources: Hallik & Klaassen 2002, 66-72; German Wikipedia.

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