CABATON, Antoine

CABATON, Antoine. Nérondes (Cher) 11.12.1863 — Vannes 25.11.1942. French Physician and a Scholar of South-East Asia and Indonesia. Studies of pharmacy, then of medicine ( and of Sanskrit at É.P.H.É. (Lévi), also Egyptology at École du Louvre. Worked at Bibliothèque nationale from 1897, 1898 to South-East Asia as Finot’s secretary, visited Cham country, Java and Cambodia, learned Cham and Malay. Member of É.F.E.O. from its beginning, but had to retire because of health problems. Back in France in 1900 worked again in the library, from 1907 chargé de cours and from 1917 Professor of Malay at É.L.O.V. in Paris, until 1933. In the 1920s also taught at École coloniale. Retired 1933. He became also known as a specialist of the Cham lan­guage, of Indonesian sociology and of Spanish sources on South-East Asia. Married 1901 Lucie Camus, one child. In retirement lived in Nice with his married daughter, then in Vannes.

Publications: Catalogue sommaire des manuscrits sanscrits et palis de la Bibliothèque Nationale. ??+195 p. P. 1907-08; Catalogue sommaire des manuscrits indiens, indo-chinois et malayo-polynésiens. 2+319 p. P. 1912.

A catalogue of Malay and Batak MSS. at Bibl. Nat. 19??; Les Indes néerlandaises. 382 p. P. 1912; numerous articles on South-East Asia, e.g. “Raden Paku, Sunande Giri. Legende musulmane javanaise, texte et trad.”, RHR 54, 1906, 374-400.

several books on the Cham.

Sources: Cent-cinquantenaire de l’É.L.O.V. 1948, 166; Chercheurs d’Asie with photo; P. Singaravélou, D.O.L.F. 163; French Wikipedia.


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