WEÖRES, Sándor

WEÖRES, Sándor. Szombathely 22.6.1913 — 22.1.1989. Hungarian Poet and Translator. Son of elder S.W. and Mária Blaskovich. Published his first poems as a teenager. Studies at Pécs University, Ph.D. in aesthetics. In 1937 visited Philippines, Vietnam and India. During WW II in compulsory labour duty, but not in war. Then lived as farmer in Csönge, in 1948-49 resided in Italy. In 1951 he settled in Budapest, but could not publish much during the Stalinist regime (until 1964). Apparently knew Sanskrit.

Publications: Diss on the Birth of the poem (A vers születése) publ. 1939.

Transl. from Sanskrit: Dzsajadéva: Gíta Govinda. Pásztorémek. 131 p. Bp. 1982; Szanszkrit líra. Budapest 1988 (with others); in various magazines also poems of Amaru, Bhartṛhari, Hāla, and Jayadeva, and selections Upaniṣads, Mahābhārata, Ṛgveda and Ṛtusaṁhāra, some also in his anthology of poetic translations, A léelek idézése. Budapest 1958.

– Much own poetry, some also translated into English and German.

Many translations from English, French and other languages, also of the Tao Te Ching.

Sources: Wikipedia (more in *Hungarian version with photo); Indian translations listed in Puskás 1991.

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