CANDY, Thomas

CANDY, Thomas. 13.12.1804 — Mahabaleswar 26.2.1877. British Colonial Officer, Teacher and Marathi Scholar in India. Born in England, studies at Magdalene College, Oxford. Together with his twin brother George C. joined the army and came to Bombay in 1821. Both assisted Molesworth in compiling the first edition of his great Marathi dictionary. G.C. left the army and became a Christian missionary in 1838. He returned to England in 1854. T.C. continued collaboration with Molesworth and when the latter left India in 1836 completed the work. From 1837 he also served as Superintendent of Poona Sanskrit College and of government schools, later as Govt. Translator and Principal of Deccan College.

Publications: edited the rev. and enl. edition of Molesworth’s English and Marathi Dictionary. 974 p. Poona 1873, having already collaborated in the first edition.

wrote school books, manuals, Christian pamphlets, etc. in Marathi, translated the Penal Code and the Civil Code into Marathi.

Sources: Preface to the new edition of Molesworth’s dictionary; not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd series; Wikipedia with drawing portrait.


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