ARENSKIJ, Pavel Antonovič

ARENSKIJ, Pavel Antonovič. Livny, Orlov gub. 1887 — 25.12.1941. Russian Indologist (Hindi Scholar). Son of a composer, A.S.A. Living in Moscow, after revolution joined the Red Army and worked in visual agitation in Smolensk. From 1921 at Oriental Institute in Moscow, from 1922 nayčnyj sotrudnik, 1923-25 teaching Hindustani. He was active in the reorganization of Belarusian theatre, but from 1924 also in anarcho-mystical circles. Arrested in 1937 and spent five years in labour camp. Rehabilitated in 1955.

Publications: Transl. “Mir Amman. Sad i vesna”, Vostočnye sborniki 1, 1924, 136-170.

Prževalskij, ego žizn’ i putešestvija. M.-Lg. 1931; Putešestvija Mikluho-Maklaja. M.-Lg. 1933.

Sources: Vasil’kov & Sorokina 2003, 38f. with photo and further references.

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