BECK, Horace Courthope

BECK, Horace Courthope. London 13.11.1873 — Chichester 7.2.1941. British Archaeologist, a pioneer of bead studies. Son of Joseph B. and Emma Elizabeth Allen. Worked in the family firm of optical instruments, but in 1924 retired and concentrated on his research. Published beads from many excavations in Europe, Asia and Africa. His bead collection is deposited in Cambridge University. Married, at least one daughter.

Publications:Classification and Nomenclature of Beads and Pendants”, Archaeologia 77, 1928, 1-76; works on European and Far Eastern beads.

The Beads from Taxila. 66 p. MASI 65. 1941.

Sources: *R.K. Liu, “Horace C. Beck and his influence on non-academic bead research and collecting”, I.C. Glover (ed.), Ornaments from the past, bead studies after Beck. 2003, 1-9; p. 49.

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