CARTER, Charles Henry

CARTER, Charles Henry. 29.10.1828 — New Zealand 6.7.1914. Rev. Baptist Missionary in Ceylon. Son of Thomas Carter, a stonemason, and Anne Thomson, raised near Leicester. Became Baptist and studied at Horton College. Arrived in the island 1853, from 1855 Pastor of the Kandy Church. In 1862-69 in New Zealand recovering from an illness, terurned, but in 1881 again ill returned to New Zealand becoming Baptist pastor there. Married 1853 Hannah Morton, six children. He became famous of his excellent command of Sinhalese, also knew Pāli and Sanskrit.

Publications: An English-Sinhalese Dictionary. Colombo 1889, 2nd rev. ed. by D. E. Hettiaratchi 535 p. Colombo 1936; Sinhalese-English Dictionary. Colombo 1924.

revised ed. the Baptist translation of the Bible in Sinhalese. 1905.

Sources: Not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd series; Wikipedia.


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