CAUTLEY, Proby Thomas

CAUTLEY, Proby Thomas. Roydon, Suffolk 3.1.1802 — Sydenham, Kent 25.1.1871. Sir. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of the rev. Thomas C. One source (Kirk to Allibone) gives as the place of birth Stratford, St.Mary’s, Suffolk, others Roydon, where his father was rector. Educated at Charterhouse and Addiscombe. In 1819 entered the Bengal Artillery, and in 1824-30 assisted Colonel Robert Smith in reconstructing the old irrigation channel of the Doab. In 1826 participated in the siege of Bharatpur. In 1831-43 “held charge of the above canal. Framed the project of the Ganges canal, sanctioned by the Court of Directors in 1841, and constructed between 1843 and 1854.” Returned to England in 1854, and served 1858-68 as a Member of the Council of India. In India “he explored largely in the Sivalik range of hills and acquired many fossils of scientific value, which he presented to the British Museum.” K.C.B.

Publications: contributed many papers to the A.S.B. and to the Geographical Society, chiefly on fossils; Report on the Ganges Canal Works. L. 1860.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; several sources in Br. Biogr. Arch.; Wikipedia with photo. Not in the D.N.B.


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