BESSE, Léon (Leo). 27.3.1853 — 19??. Father. S.J. French Jesuit Missionary and Historian in India. Joined the S.J. in 1881. Teacher and in 1903-09 Rector of St.Joseph’s College in Tiruchirappalli. Not to be confused with Jean Martial Léon Besse (1861–1920), a benedictine monk, who wrote much about French church history and cults of saints.

Publications: “Un ancien document inédit sur les Todas”, Anthropos 2, 1907, 970-975..

La Mission du Madure; Historique de ses Pangous. 1-2. 16+749 p. Trichinopoly 1914.

Father Beschi of the Society of Jesus. His Times & His Writings. 4+246 p. Trichinopoly 1918.

– “Liste alphabétique des missionnaires du Carnatic de la Compagnie de Jésus au xviii e siècle”, Revue historique de l’Inde française 2, 1918, 12-19.

Other writings on religion and on Indian church history.

Sources: Various volumes of the yearly Jesuit Catalogus … Provinciae Tolosanae found in Internet.

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