BLIN, Amédée

BLIN, Amédée. 1799? — 18??. French Colonial Officer. Still in Paris, he had some months attended the Hindustani classes of Garcin de Tassy. From 1823 (if not earlier) served in Pondichéry (1831 mentioned as Lieutenant of the Cypahi Battalion). His dictionary is “dédié à Mr. le Ministre de la Marine”. He was member of Société Asiatique. Married 1824 in Pondichéry Marie-Louise Blin de la Mairie, children. Myheritage mentions A. Blin as the son of Pierre Blin and Marie Royzard.

Something seems to be wrong. If he was in French India as early as 1823, he could hardly attend Garcin de Tassy’s classes as he only began them in 1828.

Publications: Dictionnaire Français-Tamoul et Tamoul-Français. 8+282 p. Paris 1831 (lith).

Sources: S.N. Das, “Failed Legacies of Colonial Linguistics: Lessons from Tamil Books in French India and French Guiana”, Comparative Studies in Society and History 59, 2017, 846-883; a few further stray notes.

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