BOUQUET, Alan Coates

BOUQUET, Alan Coates. 24.5.1884 — Cambridge 1976. Rev. British Scholar of Religion. Studies at Cambridge: B.A. 1905, M.A. 1910, B.D. 1918, D.D. 1922. Lecturer in History and Comparative Study of Religion at Jesus and Trinity Colleges, Cambridge.

Publications: Comparative Religion. Harmondsworth, Pelican 1941, rev. ed. 1971; Hinduism. 171 p. L. 1948, rev. ed. 1969; Sacred Books of the World. Harmondsworth, Pelican 1953, rev. ed. 1967; further books on religion and Christianity.

– “Beliefs and Practices of the Jalaris in the Matter of Life beyond the Grave”, Numen 7, 1960, 201-214 (a Telugu-speaking caste).


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