BRAUNHOLTZ, Gustav Ernst Karl

BRAUNHOLTZ, Gustav Ernst Karl. Cambridge 19.3.1887 — 21.4.1967. British Linguist (IE and Classic). Son of Eugen Gustav Br. (1859–1941), German academician who moved in 1884 to Cambridge (note his diss. Die erste nichtchristliche Parabel des Barlaam und Josaphat. Ihre Herkunft und Verbreitung. 8+110 p. Halle 1884). Studies at Cambridge (B.A. 1911 Emanuel College). In 1925-52 Professor of Comparative Philology at Oxford (Worcester College). Married 1922 Mary Herford, three sons, one daughter. Also interested in general linguistics.

Publications: Ed. with others the series: The Great Languages.

Sources: Who Was Who 2019; stray notes in Interest.

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