CIOFFI, Salvatore (U Lokanatha Thera)

CIOFFI, Salvatore (U Lokanatha Thera). Cervinara 1897 — Maymyo 25.5.1966. Italian Bauddha, lived as Buddhist Monk in Burma. Son of Napoletan parents, the family moved to the U.S.A. in 1900. Studies at Columbia University in New York (B.Sc. 1922), then at Cooper Institute and Rockefeller Institute. Became interested in Buddhism and went to Asia (first India and Sri Lanka). In 1925 he was ordained as monk in Burma. A visit to Italy was disappointment, and he returned to Burma by foot. Lived now as an ascetic and Buddhist missionary in South and South-East Asia, during the war interned in India. In 1946 back to Burma, in 1947 visited the U.S.A. and then Europe as a delegate of Mandalay Buddhist Mission, in 1950 in Ceylon, and only in 1951 back to Burma.

Publications: Girdling the Globe with Truth. 194? (in Burmese?).

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism. 222-224; Wikipedia as Lokanatha, Italian Wikipedia as S. Cioffi.


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