CAMPBELL, Archibald

CAMPBELL, Archibald. Kilberry 18.1.1877 – London 24.4.1963. British (Scottish) Civil Servant in India. Son of John C. M.A. Served in I.C.S. 1900-28, retired as Judge of the High Court of Lahore. In retirement soon became Lecturer in Indian Law at Cambridge (Pembroke College), retired in 1948. Married 1905 Violet Beadon, three sons. It remains unconfirmed the the other details apply to the Cambridge Lecturer (who was retired from I.C.S.), but it seems likely as his son studied law in the same college. An amateur piper and for decades President of Piobaireachd Society.

Publications: Nothing found.

Sources: and other stray notes in Internet.

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