BRICE, Nathaniel

BRICE, Nathaniel. 1??? — 18??. U.S. Baptist Missionary in India. The Preface of the book is signed in Dinapore (now Danapur in Bihar), where the birth of a daughter is mentioned in 1843. The Baptist missionary J. G. Gregson married 1861 the eldest daughter of Nath. Brice in Dinapore. In 1849 Miss. Chron. mentions “Mr. Brice, who acts in the capacity of missionary pastor at Dinapore”.

Publications: Dictionary, Hindustani and English, Romanized. 346 p. Calcutta 1847, 2nd ed. 8+357 p. L. 1864, 3rd ed. rev. by E. J. Lazarus. Benares 1880.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet; The Foreign Missionary Chronicle 17:5, May 1849, 138.

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