COLES, Stephen

COLES, Stephen. 18?? — 13.9.1901. Rev. British Missionary, member of Church Mission Society in Ceylon. After Highbury Training College arrived at Ceylon as early as 1861 and until his death. Married 1860 Elizabeth Nicklin (d.1898).

Publications: An article on Pāli in JRAS-CB 4:15, 1865-70.

Translated hymns into Sinhalese, in 1887-1901 with C. W. de Silva revised the Sinhalese Bible of Cogerly (unfinished).

Sources: Death noted in JRAS-CB 17:53, 1902 as 13.9., in W. Canton, A History of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 5. L. 1910, 140 as 23.9.; not in Br. Biogr. Archives 1st & 2nd Series, no works in N.U.C. Stray notes in J. W. Balding, One Hundred Years in Ceylon, or The Centenary Volume of the Church Missionary Society in Ceylon 1818-1918. Madras 191?.

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