COLES, Stephen

COLES, Stephen. 18?? — 13.9.1901. Rev. British Missionary, member of Church Mission Society in Sri Lanka. After Highbury Training College arrived at Ceylon as early as 1861 and remained there until his death. Married 1860 Elizabeth Nicklin (d.1898).

Publications: “Summary of the Contents of the First Book in the Buddhist Canon called the Párájika Book”, JRAS-CB 4:14, 1867-70, 151-163 and translation of P. 1-2, 164-196 (not in 4:15!).

Translated hymns into Sinhalese, in 1887-1901 with C. W. de Silva revised the Sinhalese Bible of Cogerly (unfinished).

Sources: Death noted in JRAS-CB 17:53, 1902 as 13.9., in W. Canton, A History of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 5. L. 1910, 140 as 23.9.; not in Br. Biogr. Archives 1st & 2nd Series, no works in N.U.C. Stray notes in J.W. Balding, One Hundred Years in Ceylon, or The Centenary Volume of the Church Missionary Society in Ceylon 1818-1918. Madras 1922.

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