COPE, Henry

COPE, Henry. 18?? — 187?. British Journalist in India. In 1847 he resided in Delhi and was the secretary of the just-founded local Archaeological Society and editor of the Delhi Gazette. Soon moved to Lahore, founded (1849) and edited the Lahore Chronicle in 1850-56. In the 1860s secretary of Agri-Horticultural Society. He moved to Amritsar, for a while editor of the short-lived North Indian Herald, still active in 1870. In 1840 married Harriet Sheriff in Meerut. Apparently he was more interested in commerce and agriculture than in antiquity.

Publications: “Memorandum regarding the recently discovered Ruins of Ranode in Scindeah’s Dominions”, JASB 16, 1847, 1079-1088 (a Skr. inscription ed. & tr.); “Public Inscriptions at Lahore”, JASB 27, 1858, 308-313 (in Persian); with H. Lewis, “Some Account of the Town and Palace of Feerozabad”, JASB 16, 1847, 971-986; two papers on Lichenology in JASB 10.

– Articles on science.

Sources: Muhammad Ibrahim, Role of Biradari System in Power Politics of Lahore. Dr. diss. Multan 2009, 68f.; stray notes in Internet.

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