COLLINS, Richard

COLLINS, Richard. Bicker, Lincolnshire 20.10.1828 — Kirkburton, Yorkshire 30.10.1900. Rev. British Missionary of Church Missionary Society in India and Sri Lanka. Son of Rev. Richard C. (1794–1882), later vicar of Kirkburton. Studies at St.John’s College, Cambridge (M.A. 1851). Ordained as deacon 1851, as priest 1853. In 1854-67 Principal of Cottayam College in Travancore, 1867-71 in England. In 1872-78 Principal of Trinity College in Kandy. In 1879 returned to England, in 1882 succeeded his father as Vicar of Kirkburton and served there until his death. Married with Frances Anne Hawksworth (1820–1862), four sons and three daughters.

Publications: A Short Grammar and Analysis of the Malayalim Language. 101 p. Cottayam 1861.

A Dictionary of the Malayalim Language for the Use of Vernacular Students and Schools; to which is added a List of Sanskrit Roots and Words Derived from Them. 650 p. Cottayam 1867.

– “The Manichaeans on the Malabar Coast”, IA 4, 153-155; “Malabar Christians”, Ibid. 311-314.

Religious books; Buddhism in Relation to Christianity. 32 p. L. 1885.

Sources: Kirk, Supplement, and Boase, Modern Engl. Biogr. in British Biogr. Arch. 1st Series;

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