CUTTAT, Jacques-Albert

CUTTAT, Jacques-Albert (pseudonym Jean Thamar). Delémont, canton Jura 1909 — 1989. Swiss Diplomat, Lawyer and Esotericist. Son of a wealthy banker. Studies at Bern and Paris. Dr. For a while taught in Bogota (Columbia), then Professor of Philosophy at Sorbonne. From the late 1950s Swiss Ambassador to India. After an accident during a visit to Sri Lanka he had to retire to Switzerland and spent years in a sanatorium. An ecumenical Christian much interested in Vedānta.

Publications: Le rencontre des religions. 200 p. P. 1957, tr. as The Encounter of Religions. 1960; other works.

As J. Thamar: articles in Guénon’s Études traditionnelles; “Prajñāpāramitā”, AsSt/ÉtAs 1, 1949, 7-29; also wrote on music.

The spiritual dialogue of East and West. 50 p. N.D. 1962; Expérience chrétienne et spiritualité orientale. 376 p. P. 1967.

Sources: K. Klostermaier, “J-AC, a Pioneer of Hindu-Christian Dialogue”, Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies 2, 1989, 4; stray notes in Internet.

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