FERGUSON, Alastair Mackenzie

FERGUSON, Alastair Mackenzie. Urquhart and Logie Wester (Cannon Bridge?), Rossshire 25.1.1816 — Colombo 26.12.1892. British (Scottish) Journalist in Sri Lanka. Son of John F. and Ann Mackerras, brother of —> William F. Came to Ceylon in 1837 in the staff of Governor J. A. Stewart Mackenzie. Worked as planter, customs officer and magistrate in Jaffna Peninsula. From 1846 Assistant Editor and 1856 the owner of the Ceylon Observer. Married 1844 his cousin Anne Mackerras, two sons (—> Donald W. F.) and one daughter.

Publications: Ceylon, summary of useful information, and Plantation gazetteer for 1859. 12+216+252 p. Colombo 1859.

Souvenirs of Ceylon. 269 p. L. 1869.

India rubber and gutta percha; being a compilation of all the available information respecting the trees yielding these articles of commerce and their cultivation. Rev. 2nd ed. 9+192 p. Colombo 1887; All about spices: pepper, cubebs, nutmegs, cloves, ginger, vanilla, pimento, cinnamon. 240 p. Colombo 1889; All about tobacco: including practical instructions for planting, cultivation, and curing of the leaf, with other suitable information, from a variety of sources, referring to the industry in Ceylon, South India, Sumatra, Virginia, and the West Indies. 8+303+9 p. Colombo 1889.

From 1881 edited the Tropical Agriculturist.

– ‘Iṅgē vā!’ or the Sinna Ourar’s Tamil Guide. Colombo 1878, 3rd ed. 156 p. 1892.

With John Ferguson: All about Cinnamon: Including Practical Instructions for Planting, Cultivation and Preparation for Market. Colombo 1901; All about Pepper: Including Practical Instructions for Planting, Cultivation and Preparation for Market, Giving Cost of Cultivation, Estimate of Expenditure, and Much Other Useful Information. 90 p. Colombo 1902.

Sources: www.antiquesinternational.co.uk/ceylon-in-1893-describing-the-progress-island-since-1803-john-ferguson-john-haddon–co-london-over-100-illustrations-and-map-1893-1756-p; J.P. Lewis, List of inscriptions on tombstones and monuments in Ceylon. Colombo 1913, 139 (n. 442); family in http://dna.cfsna.net/GEN/Ceylon/index.html.

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