FOULQUES, Alessandro Eduardo

FOULQUES, Alessandro Eduardo. Saratov 1861 — Naples 4.12.1907. Italian (of French-German origin). Son of Eugène F. (of Grenoble), an author, and Adelaide Hennig. Born in Russia, where his father was Professor of French, in 1867 family moved to Sicily, 1870 to Naples. Studied at Naples European languages and possibly Sanskrit. His early Urdū grammar is rather modest work. Married.

Publications: Hindustānī zabān kī qavā‘id. Grammatica indostana ad uso degli italiani. 105 p. Naples 1883.

Textbooks of Spanish and Volapük.

Sources: U. Nardella, La conoscenza dell’ Asia 3, 1989, 36-41 & Foulques and Tagliabue: l’insegnamento dell’indostano a Napoli, Sorrentino & Tadde (ed.)i, Naples and India. N. 1990, 317-350 & “I Foulques: Il loro contributo alla cultura italiana e i loro rapporti con Angelo De Gubernatis”, M. Taddei (ed.), Angelo De Gubernatis. Europa e Oriente nell’Italia umbertina. Vol. 3. Collana ”Matteo Ripa” 15. Napoli 1998, 127-369 (also much on his father and elder brother, see esp. p. 319-341, p. 342 a caricature of him).

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