GATTI, Riccardo

GATTI, Riccardo. 18?? — 19??. Italian Linguist. A friend of Trombetti, followed his methods of daring linguistics comparisons. The Andaman–Papua–Australian language family (also combined with Munda and Dravidian) never found many followers. He was teacher (professor) of Greek and Latin at Ginnasio Vittorio Emanuele II in Jesi (Ancona), also PD of Linguistics at Bologna (?).

Publications: Studi sul gruppo linguistico andamanese-papua-australiano. 1-3. Bologna 1906-09.

Il genere grammaticale nell’indoeuropeo. Studi e ricerche con riguardo anche ad altri gruppi linguistici. 48 p. Bologna 1912.

Also wrote on Confucius (1908) and Italian dialectology (Jesino).

Sources: Franci 1991, 209f.; stray notes in Internet.

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