DANIELL, William

DANIELL, William. Kingston upon Thames 1769/70 — Camden Town 16.8.1837. British Painter in India. Nephew of —> Thomas D. After his father’s, the innkeeper William D., premature death in 1779 came to live with his uncle. “Accompanied his uncle … to India. In ten years they travelled many thousand miles, from Cape Comorin to Srinagar… He exhibited largely at the Academy and at the British Institute.” Published also pictures of British scenery. He was made Royal Academician in 1822.

Publications: With Th. Daniell: Oriental Scenery. 1-6. L. 1795-1808; A Picturesque Voyage to India. L. 1810.

Zoography; or, the beauties of nature displayed, in select descriptions from the animal, and vegetable, with additions from the mineral kingdom. L. 1807 (text by W. Wood); Oriental Annual, or, Scenes in India. 1-4. 1834-37 (3 further volumes by others, 1838-40).

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; *M. Archer, Early views of India: the picturesque journeys of Thomas and William Daniell, 1786–1794. 240 p. L. 1980; *N. Eaton, Oxford D.N.B.; E.R[adford], D.N.B. 14, 1888, 34; Wikipedia with portrait.

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