DANIELSSON, Olof August. Häradshammar, Östergötland 15.10.1852 — Uppsala 10.7.1933. Swedish Linguist. Professor in Uppsala. Son of Daniel D., a shoemaker, and Anna Brita Olofsdotter. From 1870 studied at Uppsala, M.A. 1874, Ph.D. 1880 there. Learnt Sanskrit from Erdman, then further studies under Windisch and Lindner at Leipzig in 1881-82. Prepared there his only contribution to Sanskrit studies, which, however, was very important. He worked at Uppsala University: from 1879 Docent of Classical languages, from 1883 Professor eo. of Comparative linguistics and from 1891 Professor of Greek language and literature. Unmarried.

As a scholar Danielsson was a neogrammarian and mostly interested in Italic languages. In his linguistic works he was often using comparative material from Sanskrit. After 1900 he mainly concentrated on Etruscan and other little known ancient languages.

Publications: “Die Einleitung des Mahābhāshya übersetzt”, ZDMG 37, 1883, 20-53

Grammatiska anmärkningar. 1. De indoeuropeiska femininstammarne på -i och några därmed beslägtade bildningar i grekiska och latinska språken. 63 p. Uppsala 1881.

Much on classical philology (grammar, etymology, epigraphy, etc.); in addition to Greek and Latin also on Oscan-Umbrian and Etruscan.

Zu den lydischen Inschriften. 43 p. Uppsala 1918.

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