DANIELSSON, Olof August. Häradshammar, Östergötland 15.10.1852 — Uppsala 10.7.1933. Swedish Linguist. Professor in Uppsala. Son of Daniel D., a shoemaker, and Anna Brita Olofsdotter. From 1870 studied at Uppsala, M.A. 1874, Ph.D. 1880 there. Learnt Sanskrit from Erdman, then further studies under Windisch and Lindner at Leipzig in 1881-82. Prepared there his only contribution to Sanskrit studies, which, however, was very important. He worked at Uppsala University: from 1879 Docent of Classical languages, from 1883 Professor eo. of Comparative linguistics and from 1891 Professor of Greek language and literature. Unmarried. As a scholar he was a neogrammarian and mostly interested in Italic languages. In his linguistic works he was often using comparative material from Sanskrit.

Publications: “Die Einleitung des Mahābhāshya übersetzt”, ZDMG 37, 1883, 20-53

Grammatiska anmärkningar. 1. de indoeuropeiska femininstammarne på -i och några därmed beslägtade bildningar i grekiska och latinska språken. 63 p. Uppsala 1881.

Much on classical philology (grammar, etymology, epigraphy, etc.); in addition to Greek and Latin also on Oscan-Umbrian and Etruscan.

Zu den lydischen Inschriften. 43 p. Uppsala 1918.

Sources: Charpentier, “Indol. st. i Sverige”, Sv. Orientsällsk. Årsbok 1924, 64f.; E. Nachmansson, Svenskt biografiskt lexikon 10, 1931, 238-244 with photo; *Charpentier, Idg. Jb. 18, 1934, 327-332; Wikipedia (more details and photo in Swedish version); photo in Pedersen 1959, 216.

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