GONÇALVEZ, Diogo. Vila Real 1561 — Quilon (Kollam) 1640. S.J. Portuguese Jesuit Missionary in India. Joined the S.I. in 1583. Arrived at Goa in 1591, worked in Quilon. Criticized Roberto De Nobili’s new methods of mission and wrote about Hinduism in 1615. Knew Sanskrit and Malayālam.

Publications: Historia do Malavar, começando do cabo do Comorin até Batecala, em que se trata da origem de seus reynos e seytas, de seus costumes assim politicos commo ceremonias de suas falsas religioens, devidida em duas partes. Hrsg. und erl. von Josef Wiciki, S. I. Missionswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen und texte. 142 p. Münster 1955 (originally anonymous manuscript, 1615).

Sources: *Wicki in the above-mentioned book; I.G. Županov, “Lust, Marriage and Free Will; Jesuit Critique of Paganism in South India (17th century)” 1998 in www.ineszupanov.com/publications/studiesinhistory2000.pdf.

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