GREEN, Henry

GREEN, Henry. 1??? — 1???. British (?) Teacher in India. Headmaster of English school in Surat (1841). He was a free-thinker who supported Gujarati reformers. Also worked as Professor of Political Economy and Literature at Poona College (1837-57), at Elphinstone Institution in Bombay (1850 there) and in 1852-54 as the superintendent of Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Parsee Benevolent Institution in Bombay. Much remains uncertain.

Publications: A Collection of English Phrases with their Idiomatic Gujrati Equivalents. Bombay 1851, 2nd ed. 1858, 5th ed. 1867, 6th ed. 234 p. B. 1869, 7th 1881.

A Collection of English Phrases. With their Idiomatic Marathi Equivalents by Sadashiva Vishwanath Hate. 259 p. Bombay 1868.

Sources: *A.R. Kulkarni, “Professor H. Green and the Revenue Settlement in the Deccan (1837-1857)”, Proceedings of the Indian History Congress 50, 1989, 595-606; scanty stray notes in Internet.

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