DAZA DE CÁMPOS, Mario. Madrid 7.7.1863 — 1943. Spanish Classical Scholar interested in Sanskrit. Ord. Professor of Sanskrit at Madrid University in the 1910s and still in the 1930s. Another source: Professor of Greek there from 1897 or 1898, retired 1933. Travelled (studied?) in Europe. Married with María Teresa de Madrazo y de Madrazo. Spanish internet sources seem confused. Some give birth year as 1860, one the death as early as 1913.

Publications: Introduction to the Ratnāvalī translation of P. U. Gonzales de la Calle. 1934.

Sources: Briefly in Enc. Univ. Ilustr. 17; date of birth in Heyne’s Datenbuch. No publications in Catal. general de la libreria española e hispano-americana 1901-30; stray notes in internet.


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