DAZA DE CAMPOS, Mario. Madrid 7.7.1863 — 1943. Spanish Classical Scholar interested in Sanskrit. Studies i.al. under Garcia Ayuso. Both Ph.D. and Lic. of Civil and Canonic Law. Ord. Professor of Sanskrit at Madrid University in the 1910s and still in the 1930s. Another source: Professor of Greek there from 1897 or 1898, retired 1933. Álvarez states that he was nominated Professor of Sanskrit after heated controversy in 1897. García J. calls him first Prof. of Greek, then of Sanskrit, in 1897-1933. Travelled (studied?) in Europe. Married María Teresa de Madrazo y de Madrazo, one son. Spanish internet sources seem confused. Many give birth year as 1860, one the death as early as 1913. Whatever his title was, he did teach Sanskrit at Madrid. Among his students was —> González de la Calle.

Publications: Introduction to the Ratnāvalī translation of P. U. Gonzales de la Calle. 1934; no further publications found.

Sources: Briefly in Enc. Univ. Ilustr. 17; Álvarez 62; exact date of birth in Heyne’s Datenbuch. No publications in Catal. general de la libreria española e hispano-americana 1901-30; F. García Jurado, “El nacimiento de la filología clásica en España“, Estudios Clásicos 134, 2008 (in https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/19712287.pdf p. 10f. with photo; stray notes in Internet.

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