HALLAM, Ebenezer Charles Bethlehem

HALLAM, Ebenezer Charles Bethlehem. Worcester 1.1.1833 — Lakemont, Yates County, NY 9.1.1915. British (Canadian) Missionary in India. Son of Samuel H. and Ana Chamberlin. Educated at King Edward’s Grammar School, Birmingham, and Kormal’ School, Toronto. Ordained Baptist Priest 1855. From 1857 worked in Orissa, in 1863-67 in America, then again in Balasore and Midnapur until 1872. Left the Free Baptist Mission and worked in Monghyr, Howrah and Allahabad as pastor and missionary of B.M.S. Retired 1881, lived in Allahabad, 1885 returned to Canada. Honorary M.A. 1879 Bowdoin College. Married Phebe Ruth Upper (d. 1863), then Eliza Jane Leadbeater, one daughter and one son with the first.

Publications: Oriya Grammar for English Students. 269 p. Calcutta 1874.

– Also wrote on Christian religion.

Sources: H. H. Badley, Indian missionary directory and memorial volume. 1886, 19; dates and family in ancestry.com.

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